Do you have something to hide?


Cover it with a fake rock.

Custom Faux Rocks and Benches

Custom Faux Rocks and Benches are made by carving Styrofoam and spraying it with Polyurethane textured material that we developed. This material can be used inside or outside. Custom Faux Rocks and Benches can be made solid or hollow, all strong enough to sit on or stand on. Custom Faux Rocks and Benches can be made to hide unsightly objects and be useful all at the same time. Send us pictures along with measurements of what you want to hide or cover and we will design a rock for your needs. Let us know where and how this will be used, and if you would like a place to sit on the rock along with areas made for flowers and plants. Rocks can be made in different shapes and sizes for signs and address. Lightweight Custom Faux Rock Benches can be made in any size, shape, style or color. Benches can be used along nature trails, ponds, rooftop gardens, and photo shoot props. Lightweight stackable rocks in any shape and size.

Mountains made for indoor and outdoor trains. (This is G scale)

store display for shoes

Store displays.

6'x6'x1.5' rock for ATV weighs 175 lb