Do you have something to hide?


Cover it with a fake rock.

Insulated Pillars

Insulated Pillars are hollow and can be used to hide backflow preventers, wells, pipes, and electrical boxes and utilities along with hiding pipes. They can also serve to be used as a bench, to display statuary, show a business location or a street address.

Insulated Pillars are made out of 2” foam and are coated with a structural polyurethane plastic on the outside of the pillar. (See bottom view.)

The Standard Pillar is made with flat sides and a flat stepped gray top orcan be made with a red brick top for an extra fee.

Custom 3D designs, logos, numbers, and words can be carved on the sides of the pillars. The letters and designs can be painted. These things can also be made on one or two sides of the pillars. We can also do custom sizes. Please call to place a custom order.

Our Designs:

German Beer Sign Design
Beer Sign without Black Letters
American Flag and Eagle
Horse and Name
Sun and Moon