Do you have something to hide?


Cover it with a fake rock.

Polyurethane Fake Rocks

Polyurethane Fake Rocks are made to be used indoor or outdoor and in any climate conditions.

Our lightweight rocks made out of a hard polyurethane structural plastic can easily be moved but are strong enough to stand on.  When fake rocks are staked down normally, they cannot not be removed without breaking the fake rock in areas that it freezes to the ground when the item it is hiding needs to be serviced in winter. Our rocks do not need to be staked down beacuse they are heavy enough so that normal winds don't move them.

Rocks can be made with patented hidden air holes to help prevent moisture from building up which will corrode electrical devices. Vent pipes and wells need air along with motors need air so they do not overheat and this is accomplished by using our rocks with hidden air holes. All rocks have 2 or 3 colors on them to make them realistic looking, and they can be ordered in any color or combination of colors. All rocks are coated with a UV protection.

We make all of our own molds from real rocks, which will have cracks and undercuts. This is why our rocks have the same look and feel of a real rock.

Rocks can be used for Museums, Trade Show Exhibits, Window Displays and Retail Floor Displays. Attractive garden settings on Roof Tops, Atriums, and general landscaping can be created using lightweight decorative fake rocks.