Do you have something to hide?


Cover it with a fake rock.

Customer Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know that when we arrived home I put my new ‘rock’ in place. It looks great! There’s a real rock about 2 feet away. If you stand near them, you can’t tell that one is not a real rock. The fake rock looks just as authentic as the real one. Thanks for providing a quality product that covers unsightly irrigation boxes in our yard"

Steve, Indiana

"Thank you for your wonderful service. Your customer service is top-notch!"

Eileen, Pennsylvania

"We received our rocks and love them!"

Stephanie, Texas

"My ‘fake rock’ arrived today and it looks just like the ‘real’ ones around my pond. It is exactly the right size and color!"

Melba, Arizona

“I want to thank you for the excellent service. Our celebration went off on time and the people really loved the sculpture and rock. they could not believe that the rock was fake looking so real. On behalf of the Boy Scout Council, thank you for the service and excellent work.”

Ken, Indiana

"I just wanted to tell you that the rocks I ordered were a huge hit. They are so realistic!"

Judy, Michigan

"Thank you so much for all of your help, and I am very happy with my purchase."

Veronica, New Jersey

"Thanks for the prompt service."

Jim, Delaware

"I have bought other fake rocks in the past, but they did not look near as real. I look forward to being able to offer these for many customers in the future."

Scott, New Mexico

"Just wanted to thank you for the good service and the nice conversation we had on the phone. I’m really happy with your product, and the paint matches well. It looks like the little rascal will hold up for a long time. Many thanks."

Don, Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to comment on the (fake) rock we purchased approximately two years ago. It has met all of our expectations! We routinely receive comments from people wanting to know, ‘where did you get the rock?’, thinking it is real. So far, the color has not faded and it has held up to the Virginia climate."

Rick and Jacki, Virginia

"The (fake) rock is AWESOME!! Thanks!"

Jim, Montana

"I just wanted to thank you for shipping the rock so fast. I already received it today, and wow, it looks great."

Keita, Ontario, Canada

"I was down at the pond doing some maintenance, and a neighbor was dog-walking. Really freaked her out when I lifted that really huge rock covering my skimmer unit! Thanks again for a great product!"

Bev, New Jersey

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the rocks and they are great—I love them. They are very realistic looking."

Kathleen, Texas

"Great work on the stuff you sent me. I displayed them at the Eureka Festival in the Old Port of Montreal where we had a tent for Geocaching. All the visitors were real impressed with the look of your product."

Andre, Quebec, Canada

"We got them last night. Both of them look great."

Mark, Texas

"Received rock in good shape. Thanks for your assistance. Great Services!!"

Dwight, Tennessee

"Got the rocks, my (landscaper) guy said everything looks good."

Vic, California

"I just want to Thank You guys for working with (us) and making our month of August, which was bring someone to church month. The rocks were in the Sanctuary in front of the church all month."

Faye, New Jersey

"Thanks for the great rock, it was just what I was looking or! It is the Center piece of my son’s room and looks great. Affordable, custom made, and looks real, what more could I ask for?"

Jeff, Maryland

"I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for getting the rocks to us in time! They were wonderful and suit us just perfectly. Folks at our meeting were just so impressed at how real they looked. Thank you again for all of your help and hard work on this project!"

Leslie, Indiana

"We got the rock today. We LOVE it. Wow it is everything you said it was. Thank you so very much."

Eric, Maine

"I just wanted to let you both know how delighted we are with the rock you made for us. It is perfect and could not be happier with it. Thank you again, you have a wonderful talent."

Donna, New Jersey

"Just got back from the show. The show was great. The fake rock was great!!! Lots of interest in the fake rock!!"

David, Ontario, Canada

"I received the rock today, and it is WONDERFUL! Looks FANTASTIC. Thanks a million. Looking forward to doing business with you again."

Bill, California

"Got the rock and it will work out great! The quality of the work would have been enough for me to reorder, but you were a bonus. Thank you."

Tom, California

"(The fake rocks) were for our sister company and their sales reps. It went over REALLY BIG. Thanks."

Paul T., New York

"I just wanted to thank you for the great rock and getting it to me by Friday. The relatives arrived Friday night for Saturday’s wedding. It was a great hit. Thanks again."

Burton, Iowa

"The rocks arrived just fine and look outstanding. Thanks!"

Dave, Michigan

"I did get my rock. It looks great….Thanks!"

Kathy, Wisconsin

"The rock arrived and it’s a beauty. Nice work!"

Paul C., New York

"I can tell by the material feel that it (the rock) will age with nature, and my wife is pleased with the purchase and you know that’s all that matters."

Jeff, Ohio

"The rocks arrived and everyone loved them!"

Malia, Oregon

"They look perfect and blend in wonderfully with our Africa exhibit!"

Mary, Illinois

"I received my rocks last Saturday, and am finding time to let you know that they are beautiful. I love them. They fit great and they look great. Thank you so much."

Jodi, Tennessee

"As you can see, our rock blends right in with the scenery. People can’t believe it’s a fake. Thank you for a job well done. Please feel free to use the pictures."

Marjorie, Maine